Use the uploader below and read the following informations :


    • The beat(s) need(s) to be exported in loop format

    • Wav and Aiff files will only be accepted. No MP3 allowed !

    • Name your file(s) properly :  Artist Name – Beat Name (bpm)

    • Any type of music is accepted as long as it’s a BANGER (Hip Hop / Breakbeat / House / Electronics / Dubstep / Drum n bass / Salsa / Polka twist…)

    • Send minimum 3 loops in a « Zip » or « Rar » folder

    • Make sure that your music is nicely mixed and correctly masterised, the sound quality is important ! (You don’t have to over compress the master)

    • Your loop(s) need(s)to be 1min long (minimum)

    • Please make some variations in your beat(s) structure (cuts, different parts…)

    • If you’re using samples make sure that they are sliced enough or clear from rights.

    • Send your production(s) before the 1st of December 2023



  • The Skratch Nerds team will select the best beats for the competition.

So if your production is not selected… Don’t be mad ! If you send more beats we’re pretty sure that we’ll find the one that fit to the project !


  • We plan to release every single beat on HSN records and on Bandcamp, if you don’t accept it no problem ! Let us know by fill in the on-line form.