12 Rooms Album/Comic

“12 Rooms” is the second album of DJ/Turntablist and Composer Raid. He continues his musical exploration of the piano, combining it with beautifully weird synth textures, drifting trough musical genres like Hip Hop, Electronica, Ambient and Future Jazz. Raids music has a cinematic quality to it, so he organically continues with the concept of combining music with visual art. For this release he collaborated with an young Illustrator named Anđela Janković, creating short Comics and Illustrations for every song, that accompanies Raids music and stories. Raids first album “Little Box” was a metaphor for our soul, for that place where all our feelings, experiences, expectations and dreams are safeguarded. “12 Rooms” is a sequel to that metaphor, where we find out that every room which tells a short story or experience, is placed in that very same “Little Box” or soul we all carry in us.


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“Absorption Of The Human Soul”, is the first release of the Cinematographicuts project by DJ FAKSER and SURRE, officially out on HSN.
Now available on all majors streaming and download platforms worldwide.

This is the first release and many more will follow!