About Us

United we are stronger…

Skratch Nerds is a turntablist community created by Dj Odilon & Dr Amok since august 2013. Our goal is to link all the people who are passionate about turntablism culture and share our art with the world.


 Ever since it was established back in august 2013 we’ve been organizing events throughout Belgium such as Skratch jams, Workshops, Battles, Expos, Parties… We’re also well known in the scene for our Dj tools, Loopers and Skratch beats, we provide massively.


 With the aim of expanding our skratch community to all four corners of the globe, in 2018 with the help of our sponsor Ortofon we launched Ortofon Skratch Nerds(OSN), an online world skratch battle which has continued to grow both in reach and popularity. We also have one of the most prestigious panel of judges since the battle exists (Q-bert, D-Styles, Kentaro, Dj Babu, Prime Cuts, Gramatik, Dj Netik, Klever, Eprom, Tigerstyle, Crazy B, Dj Shortee, Dj Rena…)


 This year’s OSN World Battle was full of great surprises, we connected Beatmakers from around the globe to provide all the beats for the competition, and amazingly we have reached 190 entries for the Battle, which is most definitely a world record in the skratch battle scene !